Thank you!

And here we are, reluctantly, having to announce that our Piraino family will soon say goodbye to Bula.

It is almost unthinkable for us that our life in this restaurant is coming to an end.

We are leaving behind many customers who are dear to us, who have become great friends after all these years, we are leaving behind a lot of work, a lot of commitment but also a lot of satisfaction and above all emotions.

Our lives decided to take different paths, some due to age, others to be close to family.

But the fact is that all of you are and will always remain in our hearts. We not only worked and brought the dishes to our restaurant, but we served with love, with pleasure, because our aim was always to make our dear customers feel good and make them feel at home.

Our gratitude goes to all of you! With immense heart!

We thank you for the great trust you have placed in us and for your support.

Without you all this would not have happened.

Thank you and thank you very much again!

Alma and Mino Tania and Sindy